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Does Hair Toner Lighten Your Hair?

Does Hair Toner Lighten Your Hair?

Hair care routine is among the top priorities for many. There are a plethora of techniques and products available in the market for taking your hair styling into the new zone. From a wide range of hair products, hair toner is the one in use by many these days. However, people are more up for having an eye-catching hair transformation through the help of this method. But, the question is does hair toner lighten your hair?Many may consider it a colour corrector and do not notice any unwelcoming effect of it. This blog will take you to discover the basic purpose of hair toner and its suitability for distinct hair textures along with making you insightful about choosing the product for your hair.

Fundamentals of Hair Toning

Before putting light on the lightening effect of hair toner on the hair, it is necessary to delve into the basics of this product and its functionality.

What Do You Think Hair Toner Is?

Hair toner is basically a hair product that is particularly manufactured to even, change or cancel the bleached or dyed hair tone by putting a layer of a completely altered colour. You can use it to get a certain specific colour effect. Moreover, it helps remove unwanted flashy or yellow effects from blonde hair and transforms it into a vibrant ashy tone. No doubt, a hair toner enhances the vivacity of hair colours. Hair toning is an art that a professional performs in a salon and is simple enough to be practised at home by applying its different types and methods.

Workability of a Hair Toner

With the help of colour theory principles a hair toner neutralizes and counterbalances the nauseating undertones in the bleached or any treated hair. The pigments present in it function in an opposite way on the unwanted colour tones wheel by cancelling the previous effect. For instance, violet or purple toners help neutralize the brassy or yellow effect in the hair. On the other hand, blue hair toners warfare against coppery, rusty or orange colour tones. However, selecting a hair toner takes into account the hair colour you currently have and the effect of a specific toner colour on it.

So, you must have got along the basics of hair toning and its effects. Now it will become easy for you to comprehend the phenomena about does hair toner lightens your hair or not.

Effect on Hair Colour after Hair Toning Procedure

Many among us are confused by the findings of the lightening effect of hair toners on the hair. In reality, the principal functionality of a hair toner is to alter the colour or tone of your hair and it has nothing to do with lightening it. However, in some circumstances, when we use a hair toner it creates the illusion of a lighter tone.

1. Prominent Lightness

Toner has the ability to make the actual lightness of your hair prominent by the neutralization process for undesired brassy tones. Thus, people having light brown or natural blonde hair associated with slight undertones can experience an enhanced lighter tone after using a purple hair toner as it eliminates the warmth from it.

2. Balancing Nature for Lightened Hair

Toner is mostly applied on the hair after having a bleaching or lightening treatment in order to balance the desired tone or shade. In this case, it helps in maintaining the lightened tone and stops it from getting yellow or brassy again with the passage of time.

3. Icy Blondes Appearance

It is usually seen; that people who have light blonde opt for using purple or blue base toners to get a stylish icy or platinum look. In such instances, the toner does not contribute to lightening the hair; but it enhances the cool-toned appearance in general.

Therefore, a hair toner portrays the ability to lighten your hair tone by the way of counteracting unwanted colours. Conversely, it cannot act as a hair-lightening agent as bleach or other lightening treatments. Moreover, if you desire a cool lightening effect on your hair it is advisable to use a dye, bleach or any other hair lightening product.

The Magic of Hair Toner Behind Colour Transformation

After pondering the chief aspects of hair toner, gaining insights about the colour transformation procedure becomes easy. The workability of hair toners can assist you in making the right selection of toning colour according to your suitability.

Hair toning is all about colour interactions. In that, one tone shows a prominent reflection while cancelling the effect of other colours. Most importantly, for getting a successful hair toning, the right toner colour for neutralizing undertones always works well.

1. Magic of a Color Wheel

The theory of hair toner is understandable with the concept of a colour wheel comprising opposite tones to cancel mild unwanted colour effects from the hair. However, to do away with undesirable shades, you should choose a toner colour that acts oppositely to eliminate an undertone that is not needed. This phenomenon can become clear with the help of the below-mentioned examples.

  • Purple Hair Toners – colour pigments in this are opposite to the yellow tone. This can neutralize your brassy or yellow-toned blonde hair quickly.
  • Blue Hair Toners – This toner works well to counterbalance the coppery or orange tones. In addition, it gives a cool appearance to the hair.
  • Green Hair Toners – This colour toner suits those who have red-toned blonde hair. It helps in lessening the excessive sharpness of red colour from the hair.
  • Silver Or grey Hair Toners – Those who love to give a touch of platinum or silver toning to their hair can straight away apply this colour toner to neutralize their warm tones.

2. Concentrated Colour Pigmentation:

A toner’s efficiency is based on the present amount of pigment concentration in it. Higher concentrations make the toner more effective in correcting unwanted tones. Additionally, an excessive amount of pigmentation can give an overtoned effect that looks weird. So, as discussed above, the right type of hair toner that is relevant to your hair tone and texture can bring about desirable results.

3. pH Levels:

Toner’s pH level also plays a significant role in its effectiveness. Hair toners are acidic in nature and have low pH levels. This helps in the hair cuticle sealing and that locks it in the color. This characteristic of a toner inflicts the most vibrant and lasting colour effect on the hair.

Right Hair Toner Selection According to the Hair Texture

Therefore, we have discussed the specifics of a hair toner and its implications for lightening hair tone from different angles. Let us now walk around to come up with the best suitable hair toner option in relevance to different hair textures. Definitely, a hair toner works differently on different hair textures and colours. Also, it depends on your choice of having a certain outcome.

1. Fine Hair Texture

Suitable TonerA toner having subtle or light strength is best suited to fine hair textures. The reason is, that they can cover extended segments without damaging the delicate strings.

How To Select – Toners that contain lower pigment concentration are advisable to select as they can avoid overshadowing the hair which can make it look flat. Cool or ashy-toned shades are good to neutralize any unwanted colour effect.

2. Thick Hair Texture

Suitable Toner – A Toner containing rich pigmentation can appropriately handle thick texture and allow passing on vivid colour modifications.

How To Select – Choose a toner that consists of medium to high strength pigmentation, if you want to undergo a prominent colour change in your hair. Besides this, make sure to avoid over-toning as it can give an excessively dark appearance to the hair.

3. Curly Hair Texture

Suitable Toner – Curly hair toning is somewhat considered tricky. It requires additional care of the hair’s curl pattern and texture. It is necessary to apply a toner that doesn’t impact the curls negatively.

How To Select – Choose a toner that consists of medium to high strength pigmentation, if you want to undergo a prominent colour change in your hair. Besides this, make sure to avoid over-toning as it can give an excessively dark appearance to the hair.

How to Select – A, hydrating or lightweight toner is suitable for such texture as it won’t let dry or disrupt the natural bounce of hair. Many opt for cream-based toners for their curly textures.

4. Straight Hair Texture

Suitable Toner – Straight hair is the ideal texture for experimenting with different toning effects and undoubtedly you can witness significant results.

How to Select – An array of toning colours is up for the application that goes with your skin colour and preferred look. Straight hair gives an excellent outcome after a cool- ashy toning procedure

Correct Selection Technique for the Right Hair Toner

As discussed earlier, the selection of a hair toner depends upon the hair texture and colour. Additionally, there are numerous other elements that you should take into account before making a toner decision.

1. Undertones In Hair

You should have a complete picture of your hair undertones in mind and make a toner selection accordingly to have a proper neutralization process. People having yellow or orange-toned hair choose purple or blue toners to counteract them.

2. Outcome Consideration

It also depends on what you want. You may want to correct the brassy appearance, experience a different colour tone or enhance the cool ashy effect.

3. Condition Of Hair

Hair condition is the first thing to check before opting for a particular toner. Applying a higher concentrated toner on weak or damaged hair can cause further complications and disruptions.

4. Skin Colour

Select a hair toner that sets off your skin tone for a pleasant-looking appearance.

5. Regular Application

Toning your hair requires regularity in its application. There are some specific toners that impact significantly on your hair tone and the effect of it remains for a short time duration.

6. DIY Vs. Professional Toning

It depends on whether you are deciding to take on an experimental toning session on your own or going to have a professional toning service. A complex toning procedure is applied for difficult textures and in this case, a professional can assist in getting the right toner selection.


Hair toner acts as a game-changer for you when you achieve the desired colour outcome. As some perceive lightened hair tone after using toners, in actuality it enhances the undertones or brassy shades of the hair. Moreover, hair toning helps in correcting faded or bleachy tones that may make you look unpleasant. Opting for a correct toner in relevance to your texture and desires is crucial to witness the desired results.

A hair toner selection plays a critical role in working effectively on different hair colours and textures. Many of us think and question “Does hair toner lighten your hair colour”. In reality, it seems to have a lightened effect on the hair by enhancing its natural tone. So, if you want to neutralize undesired shades, augment your natural hair beauty, or want to try new hair colour experiments then choose the right colour toner for the perfect hair transformation. Explore more new findings and the latest updates by visiting Health Care Grad on your smart devices.