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Can Acid Reflux Cause Left-Side Abdominal Pain?

Can Acid Reflux Cause Left-Side Abdominal Pain?

A digestive disorder commonly termed Acid Reflux brings about high degrees of uneasiness. Many people create linkages between heartburn or chest problems and acid reflux. However, not only this, reflux disorder is signified in an unanticipated direction apparently that has no connection with it.  Think once Can acid reflux cause left-side abdominal pain? You may wonder how it could be possible. In reality, some people suffer from it. The entire game revolves around understanding the acid reflux and abdominal pain relation for a correct medical evaluation and treatment.

A Consideration Of Acid Reflux Causes And Symptoms

A clear understanding of the basics of acid reflux is necessary to comprehend its link with abdominal pain. The second name used for this problem is gastroesophageal reflux disease. This discomforting situation arises when there is an acidic backflow in the oesophagus. The reason is that an affected (LES) lower oesophagal sphincter muscle in the stomach lets this acidic flow enter. There are numerous reasons that weaken these muscles and these include smoking, drinking, fatty or junk food, obesity, an acidic diet, specific medication, etc.

Regurgitation and heartburn are the main highlighted signs of acid reflux. Heartburn is often felt as having a burning sensation in the digestive tract or chest, whereas a stomach acid backflow in the throat is characterized as regurgitation. These issues vary in intensity from person to person, thus travelling from mild to severe range scale. In addition, a bending or lying position may cause this problem to get even worse. Still, there is a misconception regarding acid reflux causing left-side abdominal pain.

Connection Between Acid Reflux And Left-Side Abdominal Pain

As a common conception, whenever someone is suffering from abdominal pain, he/she associates that pain with problems of bloating, overeating, gastric trouble or appendicitis. No one thinks of an unexpected contributing factor of acid reflux to this pain. It typically puts the left abdominal region in a vulnerable position by affecting the oesophagus situated there. When acidic reflux moves in an upward direction to flow in the oesophagus, it may touch the upper abdominal or lower chest region. This whole interlinking may cause a referred pain in the left abdominal area.

Identifiable Factors Of Abdominal Pain Arising From Acid Reflux

Recognizing the fact that can acid reflux causes left-side abdominal pain necessitates the understanding and identification of several problem patterns and symptoms. Common indicators are under the matter of discussion:

1. Pain After Meals

In this case, the abdominal pain occurs immediately after having meals, in particular rich, acidic or fatty ones, there lies a sharp link to acid reflux. The production of acidic elements tends to increase during digestion. So, a heavy meal can push the reflux symptoms to rise.

2. Linked To Body Position

Abdominal pain caused by acid reflux often triggers when you bend or lie down. The reason is, that these postures support the flow of stomach acid into the oesophagus in an uninterrupted manner.

3. Associated Symptoms

Left-side abdominal pain through acid reflux sometimes goes along with certain other reflux symptoms comprising sour taste, heartburn, and regurgitation. There is a high chance for acid reflux to be an underlying reason for such pain if these problems come across in connection with abdominal discomfort.

4. Positive Effect Of Antacids

However, sometimes an intake of antacids or any other medication to reduce acidity inflicts a positive response to the abdominal discomfort and helps in lessening heartburn and abdominal pain. If these over-the-counter medications convert the discomfort into relief, then undoubtedly, acid reflux is the main cause.

5. Persistent In Nature:

If you are facing chronic left-side abdominal pain and it tends to occur frequently, then there is an urgent need to investigate the probable reasons that may include acid reflux. An unrelieved acid reflux can cause oesophagus to inflame or damage. This further aggravates the discomfort situation with the passage of time and leads to worsening the problem.

Managing Acid Reflux-Related Abdominal Pain

There are several remedies for relieving left-side abdominal if it is exacerbated by acid reflux. Just check below what are these.

1. Altered Lifestyle Habits

Take small portions of food and have a frequent meal routine. Avoid having fatty or junk food, caffeine and citrus fruits in large quantities. In addition, adjust your bed head area in an elevated position to inhibit reflux occurring at night.

2. Healthy Dietary Plan

Foods that are benign to the stomach are good to take for those who often complain of refluxes. Such foods include whole grains, lean proteins, non-citrus fruits and boiled vegetables. No doubt, a healthy well-managed diet can surely control minor to intensified acidity in your stomach.

3. Balanced Weight:

Those who are overweight most often suffer from acid reflux problems. It is advisable for them to reduce some weight. By doing so, lessened pounds can lighten the pressure level on the abdomen and alleviate the chances of reflux to occur.

4. Stop Bad Habits:

Smoking and drinking alcohol in excess amounts is injurious to health.  High consumption of such harmful products can bring the lower esophageal sphincter muscle at a weaker position. Further, it results in having a chance to become the victim of acid reflux.

5. Investigation And Treatment:

Antacids are unquestionably effective for getting relief from acid reflux but for a shorter span. In case of severe or chronic symptoms, proper investigation by a medical advisor is necessary. He/ she can control the acid production in the stomach through more effective medication.

Is Acid Reflux A Major Cause Of Left Side Abdominal Pain?

Therefore, getting knowledge through studies, acid reflux is not a primary reason for left-side abdominal pain, but it can definitely add to the discomfort in this region. The intensities of this link differ from person to person. For instance, acid reflux might act as a major contributor to their left-side abdominal pain; on the other hand, it may have no connection with this pain.

Left-side abdominal pain is associated with an array of distinct reasons. The main ones comprise kidney issues, gastrointestinal problems, strained muscles, and many others alike. Thus, at the time of active acid reflux, the stomach acid backflow into the oesophagus can sometimes show the way to referred pain in the left-side abdomen owing to having close proximity to each other.

Final Words

Acid reflux is normally linked to the heartburn but its effects go further than the chest. However, left-side abdominal pain can certainly be an indication of acid reflux.  It is imperative to identify its characteristics for a thorough diagnosis and treatment. If there is continual abdominal pain in conjunction with other specific reflux signs, it is better to consult a doctor in a timely manner. So, with a clear conception of acid reflux and left-side abdominal pain linkage, it becomes helpful to you in taking correct actions to improve discomfort along with managing your digestive health.

You may now get a proper answer to the question i.e. can acid reflux cause left-side abdominal pain? Encompassing lifestyle modification, dietary balance, and, in some cases, medical evaluations can give you the power to manage acid reflux in an appropriate manner. Most importantly, seeking medical guidance to determine the most suitable course of action associated with any situation is the need of an hour. To get more helpful material on any sort of medical-related issues you can visit health care grad instantly.

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