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Why Do My Eyes Burn When I Cry

Do your eyes get sore after you cry your heart out? After crying, it’s normal to feel mild symptoms like burning, itching, and stinging. But a serious burning feeling in the eyes after a long time of crying can be caused by an eye condition. Without any further ado let’s know about why do my eyes burn when i cry

What Are Tears, And Why Do They Make My Eyes Hurt?

Tears come out of your eyes when you’re sad or happy. These tears are caused by things that make us feel sad. Tears are very important for keeping your eyes healthy. These clear your eyes of dust and dirt and help you see better. The average amount of tears you shed yearly is between 15 and 30 gallons. These tiny droplets keep your eyes moist and eliminate things that bother them.

Tears are not just water; they also have other things in them. These are the other important parts:

Lipid \Electrolytes \Metabolites

If you cry for long periods, your eyes may start to burn. If your eyes hurt more than usual, consider seeing an eye doctor for a full checkup.

What Are Some Non-Medical Reasons Why Your Eyes Hurt When You Cry? 

The way the environment is may hurt your eyes and make your eyes burn after you cry. Eye burns can also happen for reasons that are not medical.

Sweat: If droplets of sweat get in your eyes, it can hurt them. Your eyes automatically tear up in these situations.

Environmental Irritants

Eye irritation can be caused by things in the environment, like smoke. When these things get into your eyes, your body automatically makes tears wash them away. These tears also have antibiotics that kill bacteria that are bad for you. As the tears do their job of washing away the irritants, your eyes may feel burning. You may also have a constant flow of tears that looks like emotional crying. Once the irritant is gone, your eye glands will relax and stop making tears.

Eye burns are more likely to happen if you are constantly exposed to things that irritate your eyes. So the next time you wonder, “Why do my eyes burn when I cry?” look around you for things that might be causing it.

The Medical Reasons Why Your Eyes Burn After You Cry Are: 

Let’s read more about the major causes: why do my eyes burn when i cry

  • Dry eye
  • Putting on contact lenses for a long time
  • Blepharitis
  • Eye allergies
  • Dust mites

1)    Dry Eye

Dry eyes make your eyes burn, turn red, blur your vision, and itch. It happens when you don’t make enough tears to keep your eyes moist. Dry eyes can also be caused by the following:

2)    Putting On Contact Lenses For A Long Time

Dry eyes are more noticeable in older people because they naturally make fewer tears. Because as you get older, your tear glands get weaker and stop working as well as they used to.

3)    Blepharitis

It is a condition where your eyelids get swollen, red, and irritated. Some of the most common signs of this eye condition are:

  1. Burning
  2. Eyes that leak
  3. Itchiness
  4. Dryness
  5. Eyelids with dirt
  6. sensitivity to light
  7. I can’t see clearly
  8. It could make your eyes dry, making them burn when you cry.

4)    Eye Allergies 

You can experience eye allergies due to various factors. These things are:

5)    Dust Mites

When these irritants compounds come in contact with your eyes, they may burn, itch, water, and turn red. Try not to rub your eyes because that can make things worse. The allergens may cause other allergy symptoms, such as a stuffy nose.

How To Treat Burns On The Eyes?

You can try home remedies and over-the-counter products for eye burns as part of the treatment. Other things you can try that might help your situation are:

Put a warm and a cold compress on your eyelids and see if that helps. It might calm down the eye glands that are tense. Close your eyes before you put the compress on the area.

Every morning, try to clean your eyes. The Blepharitis crusts can be taken off with cotton.

When you’re done putting on makeup, be careful to remove it from your eyes. You can clean your eyes with makeup remover. After washing your eyes, use a warm washcloth to clean the corners of your eyes and eliminate anything that is bothering you. Some of these irritants are sweat and the chemicals in soap.

  • Use eye drops for eye allergies. Try to use it the way it says to on the package.
  • Use gels or ointments around your eyes to keep the skin there moist.
  • Stay in a humid place. You can use Indoor humidifiers to add moisture to your home or office.

If you have an eye allergy, your doctor may give you eye drops and other medicines to stop your eyes from hurting and itching. But if the allergies are very bad, they might suggest allergen immunotherapy.

Options For Eye Allergies That Need A Prescription

In the case of severe allergies, an eye doctor may prescribe drugs like:

  1. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug eye drops
  2. Antibiotic eye drops or pills to take by mouth
  3. Steroid eye drops for eye inflammation
  4. Eye drops that help make more tears

If you use these eye drops, your eyes will feel better. So the next time you wonder, “Why do my eyes hurt when I cry?” get medical help.

When Should You Call An Eye Doctor?

 Why do my eyes burn when i cry; If you cry a lot and your eyes burn badly, you should call a doctor to find out what’s wrong. Your eyes may have a problem if they tear and burn all the time and you don’t get them checked out. You must follow the treatment plan if you are told you have a problem with your eyes, like dry eyes. If you listen carefully to your eye doctor, your situation might quickly improve. Also, call an eye doctor if home remedies and medical treatments don’t help, and your condition doesn’t get better.

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