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Do your eyes get red from edibles

You’ve certainly observed that many people who consume cannabis end up with red eyes. This is a side effect of the drug. This telltale symptom is a dead giveaway that you’ve been smoking marijuana. So, do your eyes get red from edibles but what if you’ve consumed something a tiny bit different from the norm? There are many different kinds of goods made from cannabis these days. There are many of them, and you can eat many of them. Do some of these also make your eyes red?

What Are The Edibles Exactly?

Consuming cannabis and the substances it produces can be done in a variety of ways, including through the use of edible items. The following are the three primary categories of edible cannabis products:

  • THC edibles
  • CBD edibles
  • THC/CBD edibles

 Do your eyes get red from edibles ?THC and CBD are two substances that are found naturally in both cannabis and hemp plants. Both THC and CBC are important cannabinoids, which means that they are two of the most common cannabinoids that can be found. It is possible to produce oil-containing cannabinoids from cannabis or hemp plants using one of several different extraction methods. After that, edible products are manufactured with this oil.

THC and CBD have some beneficial effects on the body, but their effects are slightly different. CBD, or cannabidiol, does not make you feel high. THC, on the other hand, is what makes you feel high. This is the primary distinction between the two.

When it comes to products that you can eat, you have virtually limitless options. Because of recent national and regional legalizations affecting cannabis and cannabis products, there has been a significant increase in the number of edible product options. Products derived from cannabis that can consume orally include the following:

  1. Gummies
  2. Chocolate
  3. Chewing gum
  4. Sweets and Mints
  5. Brownies
  6. Cookies Drinks (e.g., smoothies, flavored water) Supplements

Do The Foods You Eat Make Your Eyes Red?

If you consume edibles, you risk developing red eyes; however, the severity of this side effect is highly variable depending on the edible you consume. THC and CBD will each provide you with a unique experience.

THC Edibles

Due to THC’s effect on your blood vessels, edible forms of THC can cause your eyes to turn red (1). We now know that THC can bring about a drop in blood pressure; when this occurs, your blood vessels become more relaxed. The appearance of “bloodshot” eyes after smoking or consuming edibles containing THC is thought to be caused by the dilation of the numerous tiny blood vessels in each of our eyes. These vessels are present in all of us. This same drop in blood pressure is also responsible for the feeling of dizziness that many people get when they smoke marijuana or consume any edibles that contain THC, including both CBD and THC.

CBD Edibles

On the other hand, unlike THC, CBD does not have the effect of widening blood vessels. If you are consuming edibles that only contain CBD (and no traces of THC), you shouldn’t have any problems with your eyes turning red.

Is Getting Red Eyes Dangerous For Your Health?

The red eyes brought on by THC are not harmful but can make your eyes feel irritated, slightly puffy, and uncomfortable.

Some other factors could be causing your red eyes, particularly if you consume edibles containing only CBD. If you have eyes that are red or irritated, you should talk to a medical professional about your symptoms. There are a few potential causes for your symptoms: an allergy, a problem with your contact lenses, or eye fatigue.

How To Treat Redness In The Eyes

If the edibles you consume cause your red eyes, there are some things you can do to lessen the redness.

Reduce the amount of THC you take in by switching to CBD-only edibles or edibles with a lower THC percentage. This should help stop your blood vessels from getting bigger and the redness you’ve seen.

Consuming a lot of water will help reduce the dryness and irritation in the eyes after using THC. Keeping yourself well-hydrated will help.

Make use of eye drops: eye drops that have been developed specifically for dry and red eyes can help reduce the appearance of bloodshot eyes and may also help lessen the irritation.

Applying a cool compress to your eyes can help reduce the puffiness and irritation that can make red eyes appear even worse. Do your eyes get red from edibles? A cool face cloth pressed against your eyes can help reduce these symptoms.

When Enjoying Edible Forms Of THC, Be Cautious.

 Do your eyes get red from edibles Consuming THC in the form of edibles provides the endocannabinoid system with a novel experience. Even while the process takes significantly longer and the resulting potency can be significantly higher, the symptoms still include the infamous bloodshot eyes that are associated with the usage of marijuana. Are your eyes red because of the food? There is no way to avoid an increase in the amount of blood that flows to the eyes. At this time, the only solution we have is eye drops.


In conclusion, consuming certain edibles may cause your eyes to turn red, but the specific effect is highly variable depending on the edible in question. Because THC is responsible for giving cannabis users bloodshot eyes, any edible that contains THC can give users bloodshot eyes. The good news is that red eyes do not present any danger. However, if you notice that your eyes are becoming red and irritated, there are a few things you can do to help alleviate the problem

One potentially worrying effect of consuming marijuana in edible form is getting red eyes. Caution is advised if this is your first time-consuming cannabis in any form. You should fight the urge to eat more, even if you don’t feel hungry for an hour, because nobody wants to be a lesson for others to learn the hard way.

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