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Can I walk with a stress fracture in my foot?

Can I walk with a stress fracture in my foot?

Talking about foot injuries, most often people suffer from stress fractures in their foot owing to unknown reasons. On having such a problem, you not only have to bear the pain but also you are restricted to move around for your routine work. For instance, if you think of having a foot stress fracture then you may panic “Can I walk with a stress fracture in my foot?” Therefore, for your ease, we have articulated a very detailed explanation about the said issue along with highlighting some significant aspects to deal with this problem.

Nitty-Gritty Of A Foot Stress Fracture

A foot stress fracture is regarded as a small break or injury to the central bone of the foot that stabilizes the overall foot structure. This problem does not happen suddenly but is the cause of repeated activities that exert stress on the foot. These activities may comprise excessive walking, running, dancing, jumping and fielding. Stress fractures in the foot are most commonly found in sportspersons or athletes who are engaged in high-impact gaming. However, generally, gamers are more prone to this issue but those people who have newly started some sort of physical activity are also affected by it.

These fractures affect the central metatarsal bones of a foot. This long bone structure builds a connection between the midfoot and the toes. So, if a fracture appears in any such bone, it affects the entire foot together with the ankle or heel region. In such a case, walking may complicate the problem even more.

What The Doctor Advises For A Foot Stress Fracture

Having a suspicion about a stress fracture in the foot owing to the visible symptoms necessitates a medical intervention. A doctor can guide well about what to do and what not to do according to the intensity of the injury. Thus, below are a few bits of advice that a doctor most commonly prescribes to the patients.

1. A Good Rest To The Foot

Keeping the affected foot at a proper resting position is the primary step to follow. However, this condition completely prohibits the patient is from engaging in activities like running, jumping or walking.

2. Foot Immobilization

In severe cases, the doctor puts the fractured foot in an immobilization state by binding it with a walking boot, cast or even by using crutches. Moreover, this greatly helps in quick fracture healing and provides protection against further injury.

3. Elevated Position And Ice Application

Keeping the foot in an elevated position or by rubbing ice on the fractured area helps mitigate inflammation and pain.

4. Pain Management Through Medication

For a prolonged problem, doctors may advise taking NSAID drugs and other effective painkillers for the management of pain and swelling.

5. Physiotherapy

Sometimes physiotherapy works more effectively than any other treatment. Therefore, many doctors may suggest physiotherapy for the foot stress fracture to alleviate the problem with the help of exercises.

6. Gradually Going Back To Activities

If the doctor feels that the injury is healed sufficiently then he/ she may allow you to start over high-impact activities but on gradual terms.

7. Healthy Dietary Supplements

Calcium and vitamin D are very necessary in building the bone’s strength. Likewise, it supports robust stress fracture healing. So, in case of a lack of proper nourishment, the doctor may suggest healthy supplements and nutrition to the patient.

A doctor can recommend a particular treatment plan depending on the intensity and locality of the problem. It is advisable for you to keenly pursue the suggested treatment in order to make your healing process quick. Moreover, this trait can help in minimizing the chances of worsening conditions.

Highlighted Symptoms Of Having A Foot Stress Fracture

To get an appropriate treatment for the foot stress fracture it is essential to identify correctly. Therefore, some symptoms are most often noticed by those having such overuse injuries.

  1. A localized paining sensation in the foot is the most likely sign of a stress fracture.
  2. An inflammation around the fracture region, that goes along with tenderness.
  3. When the injury becomes worse there may start appearing bruises around it. This indicates a stress fracture.
  4. When there is a change in your way of running or walking to counteract the pain may indicate a fracture that, if ignored, can cause further damage.
  5. When you feel obscurity while walking or have a lessened foot motion range, this condition points towards a stress fracture.
  6. If you cannot sleep properly owing to the severe foot pain, this is definitely a sign of stress fracture.

If having any of such symptoms, it is advisable to go for professional medical assistance for timely identification. If you do not take notice of these symptoms, it can worsen the situation and will take a long time to heal.

Final Words

In a nutshell, we have come up to the conclusion for your query i.e. “Can I walk with a stress fracture in my foot?” Well, the answer is, that the doctor does not at all recommend walking while having a foot stress fracture. According to them, more activity and foot movement can invite further complications. If you want your injury to heal as soon as possible then it is essential for you to follow your doctor’s opinion. Early detection of the problem makes it easy to take necessary preventive measures to mitigate the pain and discomfort attached to the stress fractures in the foot. Undoubtedly, a healthy foot helps in making your lifestyle active. So, Health Care Grad advises you to take care of it as a priority before things get complicated.