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Can Ear Infection Cause Chest Pain?

Can Ear Infection Cause Chest Pain?

Ear infection, medically named “Otitis Media”, is a middle ear infectious state which is surrounded by redness or inflammation. The middle ear is in direct connection with the throat with the help of the Eustachian tube due to its placement behind the eardrum in the form of a space. The main indicators of this condition fall for an earache, loss of hearing ability, ear fluid drain, high to low-grade fever, irritation, and sleeping discomfort. Now the question is, can ear infection cause chest pain?. Absolutely yes. Many people complained about having such medical issue that is apparently not linked to the ear premises.

Proper medical diagnosis and on-time treatment are the actual need for managing infection efficiently to avoid major complications. The basic first-hand treatments that are exercised for combating this issue involve the use of antibiotic drugs, therapeutic management of ear pain, and fluid cleaning or draining from the ear. For the chronic or repeating problem, an ENT specialist comes into play for a thorough examination for the purpose of devising alternative treatment. In this article, we have rounded up the types of common ear infections, the main causes that fuel ear to infect and the interesting link between an ear infection leading to chest pain.

A Vivid Classification Of Ear Infections

Before going into details of the infectious stage of the middle ear it is first important to delve into a clear understanding regarding the two major types.

Aom – Acute Otitis Media

This type of ear infection is commonly provoked by viral or bacterial exposure. It has a nature of rapid development. This sort of infection is symbolized by increased body temperature or fever, bad pain in the ear or fluid surging from the ear.

OME – Otitis Media With Effusion

This infection is indicated by the fluid accumulation in the ear in an inactive infectious stage. OME is subjected as a residual state subsequent to the acute infective condition that is linked to sinusitis or allergy. The mainly highlighted problem area stimulated by this is the plumpness feel of the ear or hearing obscurity without having severe aches

A Revealing Truth About The Connection Of Ear Infection Causing Chest Pain

It might sound weird on hearing that an ear infection can cause chest pain. Isn’t so? Therefore, studying the nervous system in the body can unveil exciting facts about how one system is linked to another and how a problem in one area can affect the other side. The chest, throat and ear shares several nerves due to which one inflammatory region can cause referral pain to the other area that seems to be not related.

The Chief Role Of Vagus Nerve And Inflammation Instigating Chest Ache

The Vagus nerve plays a key role in bringing about this connection. The elaborated placement of this nerve runs through the brainstem and touches the areas of the neck, chest till abdomen where its branch extension passes through the ears, throat, heart and lungs region. This anatomy makes it clear that when there is an ear infection or any sort of inflammation affecting the vagus nerve, it causes referred pain to the other connected areas of the body through this nerve, in which the chest connects in the middle. Hence, the complicated network of this nerve is the reason behind how can ear infection cause chest pain.

Going towards the other side of the story, inflammation has also a central functionality in this scenario. It is termed an active response to any injury or disease. Considering it to be a protective rationale, it can become worse at times. The chronic inflammatory condition has adverse implications on the body. With an ear infection, the immune system of the body triggers responsive channels to fight against the attacking pathogens. In the occasion of expanded inflammation towards the nerves or tissues of the body, this can cause chest pain.

Consequential Effects Of Untreated Ear Infection Or Pain

Wrong Diagnosis Or Deferred Treatment

The association of ear infection with chest pain is hardly understandable by the layman who doesn’t have proper knowledge about such a link. People complaining of chest pain most likely visit a cardiologist to seek proper treatment but are unaware of the root cause of ear infection behind this. This situation leads to misdiagnosis causing the ear problem to aggravate and affect the chest region.

High Anxiety And Stress Level:

It is a common perception that if a patient comes with chest pain, he/she might be suffering from cardiac disease. This misconception, without being known the real cause, can exacerbate the level of fear, anxiety or stress that further lead the infection to increase.

Propagating Effects Of Infection

An untreated ear infection is as dangerous as any other fatal disease. It can harm numerous linked structures of the body leading towards complications. It can affect the respiratory tract causing breathing or other health issues.

Disturbance In Routine Life

A prolonged ear infection associated with a chest ache can disturb routine matters to a great extent. People may face disruption while sleeping, lose focus or concentration and end up having low productivity.

Development Of Chronic Pain Syndrome

Delayed infection treatment and constant chest pain can highly support the development of chronic pain syndrome. In this condition, the body’s response system during pain becomes ultra sensitive which further causes pain to lift up to high degrees in spite of the resolution of the initial problem.

An Understanding Of Ear Infection-Induced Chest Discomfort

We put light above on the functionality of the vagus nerve in provoking chest pain but to be more specific, there are other contributing factors too that infuriate this discomfort linked with an ear infection. Some of them are:

Referral Pain Through Nerves:

As we all know, the head and neck region shares the nerve network in which pain arising from one area converts it into the referred pain. In the instance of an infected ear, pain signals go up to the brain system that by mistake perceives those signals as running through the chest.

Dysfunctioning Of Eustachian Tube:

The Eustachian tube plays a role as a connecting agent between the ear and throat. When the ear is inflamed, this tube starts enlarging causing it to block the channel and increases the pressure level in the ear. On the other hand, this pressure may lead to affect the chest region causing it to fall in uneasiness.

Congestion In Muscle:

Extended ear infection or pain can unintentionally cause people to stress out their muscular arrangement of the neck and chest thus leading to discomfort in response. This sort of muscle tension has a direct effect on proliferating chest pain.

Final Words

The captivating relationship between an ear infection and chest pain emphasizes the intricacy of the overall body’s nervous system. The connection of the vagus nerve and the associated nerves networking explains well the phenomenon that can ear infection cause chest pain. Apparently, the body parts are absolutely unrelated to each other but their internal linking causes the referred pain in the connected regions. Forming a clear perspective on this matter is not a piece of cake but after a plethora of findings and studies, it can be absorbed and become understandable. A prompt diagnosis of chest ache and proper ear infection management can save many from having intensified anxiety levels. In case of constant chest pain, it is advisable to consult a doctor for an on-time medical diagnosis, as it is necessary for the prevention of high complications. Be cautious about your health and set an example for others to follow, for having a sound structure from head to chest and further than. For more information, read out our other related blogs on and remain vigilant on different issues.

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