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6 Hours of Sleep Enough

Are 6 Hours of Sleep Enough to Deal with Stress

Health matters! Yes, a sound body indeed has a sound mind. There are always some golden rules to shape the best days and have a good and healthy life. Moreover, Healthy habits play a crucial role in our daily lives. Yeah! It’s much more apparent that some of us have good habits, just like having 6 hours of sleep is enough for accomplishing your tasks. And some have bad ones. We always tell the good habits to others and promote them so that others also benefit equally from them. But we don’t expose our bad habits. It’s human nature.

So don’t worry, and stick to this post so that you can clearly understand how to adopt a healthy lifestyle and have a happier life ahead.

It is always challenging to start and achieve goals, but once you set a goal for yourself and build up your stamina, you will get it. Stay motivated and keep on putting in the effort. You will get to these goals and achieve them soon. A little effort and little cravings are also suitable for yourself; these are the efforts you put in to achieve a healthy life ahead.

6 hours of sleep effectively reduce stress

Stress is one of those terms we come across and must listen to or speak almost daily. It is one of the things that is very much common, and being humans, we all have had to deal with it. Stress is something faced by most of us daily, but this does not mean at all that the common thing is always pretty good and healthy for our well-being. It’s not a myth that stress is dealt with nowadays as a harsh fact of life, but one thing that must not ignored is the very harmful effects that have serious consequences.

Everything that has been designed and created in this universe has some pros and cons. The same is with stress; no doubt stress is considered wrong, and no doubt it is too, but some stress can be declared as healthy stress.


The human body activates in response to specific and almost every factor. The primary reason behind feeling stressed and facing stressful conditions is the easy survival of us on this planet. The human body begins to prepare itself for the fight and-flight response whenever there is anger or rage. The human body has a very complex and automated response system.

In other words, whenever there is any situation like danger, our body has an initial alarm system; that begins to ring the very next moment we come across such situations. According to the situation, the body begins to release certain specific hormones that help your body to respond to a situation like these hormones help you to gather up the stamina to run or to walk away from these situations. How your body takes the stress and responds in dreadful situations can be called healthy stress.

But the dilemma is that our nerves cannot deal with the real and the perceived danger. Due to our brain’s inability, our body mostly remains in the hyperactive stage, and due to the enhanced release of hormones, there is always very high biochemical stress.


This is a fact that stress is related to our nervous system more than the physical system. Like it is highly concerned with mental health, its harmful effects on the body cannot be neglected. Continuous stress will negatively impact age and can cause many acute and chronic diseases; however, these are some significant effects due to the prolonged release of stress hormones

  1. A person’s healing ability from illness or disease gets reduced and sometimes damaged.
  2. A person suffering from stress usually feels nausea and cramps in the stomach as well.
  3. Hypertension and cardiac arrest.
  4. Severe mood swings, anger, and a lot of depression.
  5. A lot of fatigue and you may feel many problems in sleep-wake patterns.
  6. Your ability to fertilize gets reduced severely.
  7. Very less libido.
  8. Increased weight
  9. Disturbed hunger and a lot of stomach issues as ways
  10.  You may gain weight


We generally put ourselves last and never make an effort for self-care. Lack of self-care will make you feel more stressed, give you anxiety and make you more depressed and will extract all the energy out of you. When you work the whole day, you get tired as well. But when you start caring for yourself, you can also get the best of yourself. You can get the best results from your work as well. Adding self-care to your daily life will make you happier and more vibrant.

Final remarks

Try to sleep each day simultaneously, regardless of your busy routines. This habit will give you sound sleep, you will feel better, and your health will also be improved. Last but not least, 6 hours of sleep is not so tough to have a healthy lifestyle.

We all are addicted to cell phones and use them all day, and have also developed the habit of using them even at night. We use this whether we are eating or doing other things. Using a phone excessively will also damage your eyesight and health. Therefore, try to eliminate this bad habit and develop the habit of only checking the phone sometimes. It will improve your health as well.

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